Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ahhhh, simulation!

Well, it's been back to work again this week but I still found time to do a nice little write up on Monte Carlo simulation for the CodeProject. Hmmmn, how come those guys keep getting all my "work" and the blog just keeps pointing over there? I suppose it's just too darn convenient!

Anyway, I worked up a simple example of investment performance vs. retirement withdrawals to show how this kind of simulation could be used to decide if one has enough money saved up for retirement. Sadly, my own numbers indicate I may be working well past my life expectancy! Sigh.

At least I can share this knowledge and thus keep myself entertained at the keyboard...



  1. I just read your article on CP and gave it a 4 because it didn't address the choice of distribution question for the Monte Carlo simulation. I'm sufficiently interested in the technique (Monte Carlo simulations) to have read your exposition, but was disappointed in the depth of your analysis.

    Having said that, I followed your link here, and will read through your archive of posts because I want to encourage you to continue your writing ;-)

  2. Thanks, anonymous, for your encouragement as well as your comments. A wonderful feature of CP or blog articles is how easily they're revised! I'll try to find some time to include a discussion of different distributions. Cheers :)

  3. Kerry--

    I teach simulation methods, and use simulation in my research. You sent me an invitation to connect, but I am not sure if we've exchanged emails or spoken on the phone or in person. My email is