Friday, July 2, 2010

A practical introduction to queue theory

OK, I'm on a roll here before I go on vacation next week...well, later this afternoon actually. Two days and two articles published at The Code Project!

This time, I take a stab at implementing the equations that describe queueing activity developed by Erlang and, later, Little. Read the full article and download the sample C# application at:


  1. I noticed in your CP article that you didn't include Goldratt among your sources. Would your article have significantly differed if you had attempted an implementation of his theories?

  2. Hello again, my old friend Anonymous. Goldratt has some very worthwhile ideas and Critical Chain is both engaging and a useful tool for internalizing his concepts. However, this article is intended to be an introduction to queueing ideas for those who hadn't previously thought about statistical models for waiting lines. There are several areas of nuance and refinement that I didn't raise in the discussion or the sample code. Perhaps I'll need to write an "intermediate" version next. Thanks for your helpful suggestion, nonetheless. Cheers :)